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Where Not to Put Your Shade Sail?

Where Not to Put Your Shade Sail?

You may have read several posts about the best places to install a shade sail. Your backyard, swimming pool, and a playground for kids may seem like the best places to install a shade, but it is equally important for you to know where not to place your shade sail. Some of these places may be dangerous, others may not be a good choice of placement, yet some places require permits and planning permission.

Let’s look at some of the places where you should avoid placing a shade sail.

Near a BBQ Pit (or Any Other Outdoor Structure for Cooking)

You may want to make your outdoor space more functional, and often the placement of a shade sail is one of the best ways to do so; it’s best to avoid placing a shade sail near a BBQ pit or any other outdoor structure for cooking.

You may find shade sails from reliable shade sail contractors that may be resistant to heat and fire; it is always best to avoid taking this risk as heat can damage the shade and release chemicals that can be dangerous for your loved ones.

Where Your Shade Sail is Touching Other Surfaces

Do you plan to install your shade sail at a place where it can get in contact with other surfaces?

Then you shouldn’t do. When two surfaces rub each other, it can damage the shade sail’s material and significantly reduce its life. Hence, it is best to avoid installing your shade sail where it touches other surfaces.

And as we discuss “other surfaces,” it includes doors, trees, windows, and swings. As mentioned earlier, the interaction between any two surfaces can damage your shade sail, and tree branches, doors, and windows are not an exception.

As a rule, always remember that everything that touches your shade can damage it, hence, avoiding placing your shades at a place where it gets in contact with other surfaces.

Unauthorized Places

Certain areas and state authorities do not permit the placement of shade sails in any outdoor space. Hence, it is best to avoid the installation of shade sails at any place that does not allow the placement of shade sails in an outdoor space.

If you have any questions about where you should place your shade sail and places where you shouldn’t install one, feel free to get in touch with OC Shade Sails which is one of the most reliable shade sail providers offering high-quality shade sails, after-sales warranty, and professional service at all levels of shade sail installation and post-installation care. Learn more about OC Shade Sails now.

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