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Monotec 370 Series

Our most popular shade cloth collection – our longest warranty + biggest color selection.

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Monotec 370 FR Series

Another popular and shade material collection – specially knit and the strongest flame retardant cloth in the market.

Shadetec 320 Series

Popular for smaller shade sail applications and residential home – it proves itself as an affordable and reliable shade sail material.


ALNET Extrablock

A very popular and fire resistant shade cloth – approved by State of California Fire Marshals – 15 approved colors to choose from.


“Tensioned Fabric Structures”

Based on each and every project, DMR will recommend a quality fabric choice suitable for the requirements and specifications to provide a long lasting Shade Structure and provide color samples and material testing data upon agreed color choice.

Fabric Membrane:
OUR Shade Sails are constructed with knitted high-density polyethylene shade fabric, which has been treated with Chemisorb 944 to resist UV breakdown. They can be fabricated in a variety of fabric choices from Comshade/Comtex, or Monotec 370, and all their available colors.

DMR uses all “marine grade” 316 stainless steel fixing hardware including; shackles, turnbuckles, eye-nuts, eyebolts, threaded-rod, nuts, washers, bolts, plates, cables and rings. Fixing hardware is sized appropriately as called out by our licensed structural engineer.

The fabric is cut using a “Hot Knife” and therefore heat-sealed. The fabric has been tested for flammability and flame spread per ASTM requirements and has a rating of Class 1(or A).

Sewing of the membrane is done with UV resistant Dacron threads in a double locked stitch pattern.Corners are reinforced with multiple layers of additional cloth and strapping. Seams, are minimized using 3 meter wide fabric and when required are oriented to cause the least affect on appearance. Seams are double locked stitched and all edges heat-sealed.

Shade Sails have 316 stainless steel cable (7X19 flexible) sewn into their perimeter using a double lock stitch. The wire connects to stainless steel corner rings via Nicro Press compression sleeves or Delta shackle and is sized according to a licensed structural engineer’s recommendations.

Technical Specifications:
DMR will provide any and all data per fabric recommendation with data complying with Fire Standard Compliance, including; NFPA 701-2004, ASTM E-84 Class (A) and California State Fire Marshal, Section 13115.

Each edge of the sail has a specifically engineered cantinary curve that in conjunction with tension provides for uniform tension through out the membrane panel. We maintain the latest in “Computer Technology Seeming” for consistent straight seems.

Pre-stress levels are obtained using turnbuckles and are performed to a licensed structural engineer’s specifications.

ALL inspections to be accordance with C.B.C section 108. Special Inspections to be in accordance with C.B.C section 1701.

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