• What is a shade sail?

    Shade sails are aptly named for their sail shape and shade providing function were designed to provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and comfort from mid-day heat. A shade sail is usually made with a knitted fabric and is suspended from 3 or more points.

  • Can you provide a quote off a sketch plan?

    Yes, we can quote off a sketch plan provided there are sufficient measurements to determine the size of the sail. A photo (preferably digital) of where you intend to fit the sail can also be very useful for visualizing your requirements.

  • If I am providing you a sketch plan what measurements do I need to take?

    Typical measurements that we like you to provide on sketch plans include length, height and width of the area you want to cover. (i.e., yards, feet, inches) If the area you are going to cover is an irregular shape, we also like you to provide additional measurements, which can include, for example, the height off the ground of any deck you are wanting to provide shade cover for, as well as distances to boundary lines of your property.

    One last important matter to include on all sketches and diagrams is a compass direction showing North and the direction of the sun at midday or when the sun causes the greatest problem. These notations help us to approximate the sun’s direction and determine where shadows from shade structures will fall.

    If you have any queries regarding the measurements we require, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you out!

  • How accurate do I need to be with my measurements?

    Accurate measurements are vital to ensuring the sail fits and can be correctly tensioned. However, for the purpose of supplying a quote, accurate measurements on your part are not as important as final measurements before manufacture of the shade structure. Accurate measurements cannot be taken until the attachment points, such as eyeplates,, eyebolts and poles, are in place. Once the attachment points are fitted, measurements in millimeters (mm) from each point to each point are required.

  • Do shade sails provide protection from the rain?

    Not all the fabrics we use are 100% waterproof – however, we offer a PVC option which will block out the sun and rain. The mesh fabric most shade sails are made from will keep off rain from light to medium showers; although a fine mist may seep through during more heavy rain.

  • How much wind can a shade sail take?

    This depends on the size, shape and style, but all of our shade sails are designed to handle winds up to 100kph (80mph) provided they are properly installed and tensioned. We recommend taking your shade sail down if winds in your area are going to exceed this rating (i.e., cyclone, hurricane or typhoon).

  • How long will a shade sail last?

    It depends on the shade sail manufacturer but on average most will last at least 15 years, and sometimes even longer depending on the conditions it needs to withstand. It’s a good idea to clean the sail perhaps once a year using a very light water-blaster, but we don’t recommend you to use any harsh or abrasive cleaning products. Please note that warranties may vary depending on materials used etc.

  • Can I see fabric samples before I purchase a shade sail?

    Yes! When we do a on-site consultation we will bring samples with us.

  • How much light does a shade sail let though?

    Shade fabric blocks between 70 – 90% of direct sunlight, however because shade sails are overhead they still allow plenty of soft ambient reflected light.

  • What is the amount of tension required to secure shade sails?

    Shade sails must be installed with high tension degree. With proper tension, shade sails adopt the solid form. They will also not flap or move about when there is wind. All shade sails must be professionally installed to guarantee that the house points and poles are strong enough to let the shade sail be tensioned properly during installation.

  • Are shade sails waterproof?

    In general, shade sails are not waterproof. Although there are several available shade sails which are made to be waterproof, the idea of using shade sails is to offer shade, not protection from the rain. Shade sails offer a little rain protection yet water will still seep through when there is a heavy downpour.

  • How will shade sails affect the aesthetics of a house?

    A shade sails offers a more contemporary design compared to pergolas without locking in summer heat. The open design of shade sails allows breeze to flow freely around the area, making it possible to have a cooler entertaining outdoors. Since shade sails are also structurally lighter compared to pergolas, they can give your house a more open-style living plan.

  • What are the available colors for shade sails?

    Shade sails can come in various designer colors which depend on the chosen shade fabric. But, you can also have your shade sail customized according to your preferred color scheme or business brand. Please be sure to check out our shade sail material page to browse color selections and styles.

  • How to maintain shade sails?

    Shade sails require low maintenance. The only thing that you should do is to clean its shade fabric on a regular basis with water and mild detergent. It will get rid of the debris and prevent growth of mildew and mold. Aside from that, when you’re not using shade sails, you should take it down for it to prolong its life expectancy.

  • Should you worry about heavy rain?

    Sail slope is actually the key. High winds or heavy rains are not a problem once the shade sail is tight and has significant slope.

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