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Types of Shades for Protection Against the Sun

Types of Shades for Protection Against the Sun

Summers in Orange County can be blistering so it is important to stay sun safe when you are enjoying your time outdoors. To protect you from the damaging effects of the sun, it is crucial that you use shades to increase the usability of a space. At OC Shade Sails, we offer you a number of shade sail options that can fit your space the right way and provide optimal protection from the elements.

Span Shades

Also known as hip shades, these sails have a clean and straight roofline and are typically square or rectangular. These shades use two, four, six, or eight columns to be erected and can also be installed low to the ground to provide maximum protection from the sun at all hours of the day. A great benefit of span shades is that they can span up to 20 meters with a center post so they are perfect for swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, picnic spots, bleachers, and rec areas.

Waterproof Shade Sails

These shades are a great option for installation in car parks since they are very versatile and can protect you from all sorts of weather elements, including sun, rain, and hail. These shade sails are often made with PVC, waterproof polyester fabric with a resin coating that is chemically treated to provide protection from the UV rays, staining, degradation, and fire.


Cantilever shades are best for minimizing column obstruction and increase the use of open space. These are customizable shades that offer a lot of flexibility and can be used to cover all sorts of spaces including parking lots, bleachers, schools, parks, playgrounds, pool, and outdoor seating areas. These shades come in a large variety of configurations as well as standard dimensions.

Multi-Panel Shades

Multi-panel shades use layers of fabric installed on different levels to give a unique and beautiful design to the shades as well as increase space usability. You can combine different colors and shapes to give these layered shades a unique and fun look that is perfect for outdoor seatings, parks, and other family-friendly spaces.

Arched Canopy Shades

These canopies have an arched shade that prevents rain from pooling at the top and allow the water to easily run off the side. These arched canopies can either be anchored to a building or are erected as a free-standing structure. These canopy shades can also be used with curtains on a few or all sides where strong sunlight is a concern. Arched canopy structures are a great option for cabana areas.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are extremely practical and flexible options for your home or business. These awnings are available in a wide variety of colors and are designed to keep the esthetics of the home, business, or public spaces in mind. These are versatile options for providing protection from sun damage during the day and then simply fold away for a smooth and tidy finish when they are no longer needed.

Bottom Line

At OC Shades, we are committed to protecting you from sun damage, rain, and other forces of nature. We use only the highest quality and durable material to make our shade sales to ensure the most outdoor safety and protection for you.

If you are looking for shade sails for your home and business, OC Shades offers you a large variety of canopies, awnings, umbrellas, and sails to meet your needs.


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