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Tips for Shade Sail Maintenance

Tips for Shade Sail Maintenance

We have already established the importance of installing a shade sail on your residential and commercial property. There is no doubt that a well-designed shade sail enhances the aesthetics of your property.

On the other hand, shabby and old shade sails are repulsive to the eyes. Your image and the image of your brand – if the shade sail is installed on commercial property – will be tarnished to a great extent if you let an old shade sail on your premises. This shows that it is very important to keep your shade sails clean and to pay serious attention to their regular maintenance.

So, if you are among those people who forget about the things in their house after installing them, this is the time for you to bring some changes in your lifestyle. In addition, commercial property owners who have installed the shade sail to increase the overall value of their property should treat shade sail maintenance as a regular expense and carry out relevant work to keep the shade sail in a good condition.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled some tips that will help you keep up with the regular maintenance of the shade sail.

1. Regular Checks of the Structure

The shade sail is a metallic structure which holds a long cloth fabric. This fabric is directly exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions and is often more prone to quick damage. It is your responsibility to regularly clean the fabric and ensures that it is not damaged significantly. Keep a patch kit with you to timely tend to small patches on the fabric.

2. Monitor Sails After Major Events

Weather patterns, these days, are quite unpredictable. Heavy showers wreak havoc in the area, leading to great damage. This is why after a spell of rain or snow, it is essential to check your structure and to see for any damages. In case, there is any, carry out the repair work at the earliest.

3. Overhanging Trees or Branches

If trees are encroaching on the shade sails, they can potentially damage the shade. So, it is important to trim them regularly so that they don’t cause any harm to the structure.

4. Vandalism

If your shade sail is installed on commercial property, it means that it is accessible to a large number of people. This means that your structure can encounter the problem of footprint sketches, cigarette burns, or other such things. In fact, people can also litter the area. If it is affordable, try to install security cameras on the structure to deter people from vandalizing the structure.


Shade sails are a great structure to add to your property. They don’t only enhance the look of your house, but also bring so many benefits for you. You can have access to a convenient outdoor seating area if you install a shade sail outside. In the same manner, when installed on commercial properties, shade sails are a good way to bring in more revenue for the entity.

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