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Things About Shade Sail Installation That You Might Want to Know Beforehand

Things About Shade Sail Installation That You Might Want to Know Beforehand

Shade sails are one of the most popular and most versatile of all outdoor shade options. They’re quite affordable and easy to install. Installing shade sails is a great of bringing an outdoor space in use at times where it would have, otherwise, been useless like during a hot summer afternoon or rainfall. However, there are some things that you must know beforehand. Many people wish they had known these things before they installed their shade sails.

If it’s your first time with shade sails, go through these things about shade sail installation that you might find very helpful.

1. You Can Install Shade Sails In A Variety of Ways

All shade sails might appear the same to someone who doesn’t know much about them. However, not many people know that shade sails can be installed in a variety of ways. The way you install them will affect their appearance and functionality. Knowing about them before you install them will give you an option to pick a style that you’ll find more attractive.

The hyperbolic style of installation is the most common installation style for rectangular or square shade sails. It minimizes the chances of your shade sails sagging and maximizes the area that receives shade. The resort-style of installation is ideal for triangular shade sails. It gives the shade sails a striking look and ensures maximum longevity. Depending on the type of shade sails you’re planning to install and the purpose of installation, you can choose between these shade sail installation styles.

2. Choosing Structurally Sound Fixing Points

Many people think they can install shade sails anywhere on their property. However, you must ensure that the location you’re planning to install shade sails at are structurally sound. If the fixing points are weak, the shade sails may end up sagging sooner. It can also lead to the attachment posts coming loose. So, no – you can’t install shade sails anywhere on the property. You need to check where the ground will hold the attachment posts the best. Shade sails have to withstand strong winds, rainfalls, and hailstorms. Therefore, you need to be sure that the posts are fixed firmly and won’t collapse under any such situations.

3. Shade Sail Installation Accessories

The shade sail installation isn’t as simple as merely tying the shade sail to the fixing posts. There are numerous attachment accessories that you’ll need. You’ll need tensioning devices, anchors, joiners, etc. you might not be able to install your shade sails properly without these installation accessories. To ensure proper installation of your shade sails, the best thing to do is hire professionals for the job.


Shade sail installation is quite simple, but being aware of certain things before installing shade sails can help you ensure the proper installation of your shade sails. If you’ve never worked with shade sails before, we suggest hiring professional shade sail contractors to do the job for you.

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