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Shade Sail Installation – Know What to Expect

Shade Sail Installation – Know What to Expect

Are you planning to get a shade sail installed in your yard? Do you know what to expect during the process?

In this post, we share a step-by-step installation guide that will give you a good idea of what to expect during the shade sail installation process.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Shade Sail Installation – A Step-By-Step Guide to What to Expect

#1. Measurement and Marking of Bracket Location

When you go for shade sail installation, the first step is to measure and mark bracket location. Your shade sail installation contractor will mark the location of each bracket so they can estimate the size of the fabric. Remember, your fabric will not be exactly the same as the area of your brackets. Instead, the fabric is attached using chains and needs to be fully stretched.

#2. Installation of the Mounting Brackets

Following the measurement and marking, your shade sail installation contractor will install the brackets and ensure that they are straight. Moreover, to fix the posts on the ground, your shade sail installation contractor may dig in the ground to support the pole.

#3. Mount Brackets Against External Support

Once the brackets and posts are installed, you need a tree or support pole to add the pad eye, a flat metal piece with four holes for screws, and a half ring extending from the center. The pad eye connects the support to the shade.

#4. Connect Shade to the Brackets

Now that everything is in the right place, you need to connect the shade to the bracket. You need to use a clip that can go between the grommet and the pad eye to do so.

And you are good to go. Your shade sail is now installed in your yard, and you can make your outdoor space more functional all year long. Depending on the outdoor weather conditions, you may remove the shade. However, the brackets will stay in your yard throughout the year. It’s best to store your shade indoors during the winter season.

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