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Revamp Your Outdoor Living Space With Shade Sails

Revamp Your Outdoor Living Space With Shade Sails

The California summer is here!

It’s time to bring out the best of your hospitality into the great outdoors.

That means garden barbeques, tea parties and pool parties!

While you brainstorm ideas for outdoor parties, don’t forget the heat of the summer sun. Your guests need to stay cool while they enjoy themselves.

Have you invested in shade sails for your patio and garden? If not, here are some reasons to consider shade sails:

1. They Provide Shade

It’s the most obvious reason. It’s right there in the name itself. Shade sails are a necessity, not a luxury item in an outdoor living space in the summer. Entertain your guests in style and comfort, away from the vagaries of the weather such as harsh sunlight, rain or dust.  

2. They Enhance Protection

Keeping your patio furniture under shade sails will definitely prolong the furniture’s life. It protects it from discoloration and cracking due to the sun’s rays and water damage. If patio covers are placed strategically and cover HVAC units outside, they can also protect your air conditioners from long-term damage by sheltering it from sunlight.

3. They Add Value to Your Home

Adding shade sails, patio covers and awnings greatly enhances the curb appeal of a house. This in turn increases the property’s value. Your house will have great resale value in the future. What’s more is if you design it keeping aesthetics in mind, your outdoor living area will stand out in your neighborhood.  

4. They Decrease Power Costs

With a protected and decorated outdoor living space, you’re more likely to spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Thus, you’ll be using less air conditioning, lower its bills considerably. As shade sails can also protect your air conditioning unit, it will require less frequent maintenance and repair.  Your AC will work better and that too with a lower electricity bill.

5. They Give Your Outdoor Living Space Visual Appeal

A beautiful new shade sail will add aesthetic appeal to an otherwise plain sitting area outside. Play around with different materials, fabrics and styles. You can complement your furniture will different colored shade sails and different patterns. Add garden lights, porch lights, bird baths and potted plants to complete the look.

Instead of just purchasing a shade sail, you can revamp the entire living space outside for the summer. Start with getting new patio chairs and tables. Try adding vines and creepers to the walls outside. Adding a hammock or a swing chair to a patio gives it a fresh and youthful vibe. Wicker furniture with colorful throw pillows can complete that energetic new look.


Adding a new shade sail to your backyard or outdoor living area greatly transforms the whole space. Shade sails are an inexpensive way to revamp your garden or lawn. They also provide protection against sunlight, rain, and dust, while sprucing up the place aesthetically.

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