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Install Shade Sails for Healthier Kids

Install Shade Sails for Healthier Kids

If you are running a school or if you are in charge of the governance of a school, you may know how important it is to allow students to have outdoor activities. This is why having a large area dedicated to students’ outdoor activities is one of the requirements of running a school.

This vast area is, at most schools, is unprotected. The only roof that students have may be in the are where swing sets are placed. During the winter season, the sun rays actually provide comfort. However, the situation is entirely opposite during summer. The sun rays provide discomfort to the children and instead of putting their time into some productive outdoor activity, they silently pray for getting back to your classes.

While outdoor activities are important for students, they also need protection from the sun rays. This is not a Catch-22 situation for you. The solution is right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is to set up shade sails in the outdoor area of your school. Here are some benefits of such an installation.

1. Protection From UV Rays

To provide protection to your school students from damaging UV rays, installing a shade sail is a good solution. You can easily cover a jungle gym or a swing set or walkways and outdoor pools with a shade sail, giving your students an opportunity to have a good time in a safe environment.

2. Expand the Outdoor Area

You may have already thought about all of this before and you may have a properly covered area for students. But this area may not be large enough. Now, you are in a fix. You want your school to provide as many activities as it can, but you are also concern over the cost that you’d have to incur to expand the covered area. Here, you can easily get a shade sail installed in your school’s playground to expand the outdoor area. This will provide you with more space to carry on with your activities.

3. Protect Outdoor Equipment

The swing set that you have installed in the outdoor space of your school may rust if it remained exposed to the sun for prolonged hours. In such a case, you’d need reliable protection for your outdoor equipment. For this, shade sails are a good option to choose.

4. A Great Investment

The initial cost of installing a shade sail may seem a bit overwhelming. But, if you look at the benefits that shade sails have, you’d be more than ready to install it in your school’s playground.


Setting up a shade sail in your school is a good option to provide a covered outdoor area for your students. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on installing a shade sail. Consult a professional to get the estimates of installing a shade sail and get it done as quickly as possible. You will be surprised to know the ways through which you put into use the designated space.

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