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Five Ways to Tell That Your Shade Sails Need Replacing

Five Ways to Tell That Your Shade Sails Need Replacing

Shade sails are a great feature for your outdoor space. They can easily be added to schools, backyard patio, or any commercial facility. They provide a comfortable space for people who want to enjoy the breeze but do not want to get toasted under the blazing sun.

Many people are installing shade sails in their backyards to have a designated outer space where they can have family time during the evening. Since these sails remain outdoor throughout their lifetime, they depreciate quickly.

If you have shade sails in your house, you have probably installed them to add value to your house. In such cases, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t change your worn out shade sail. If you are planning to replace your shade sail but aren’t sure when is the right time, we’re here to guide you.

There are a few signs that tell that you need to replace your sail on an urgent basis. If you fail to do so, you will soon be collecting the debris of something that was once a shade sail.

1. Color Fading

The biggest giveaway for you is the shade sails’ color. These shades are installed to protect people and furniture from the UV rays. While doing so, the shade’s fabric remains exposed to the sun’s rays for a prolonged period. These rays cause the fabric’s color to fade quickly. By looking at the shade sail’s color, you can easily tell if the shade needs to be replaced. It is essential to replace the shade as quickly as possible as the areas from which the color has faded will allow the UV rays to pass through the fabric and onto your skin.

2. Landscaping Design

If you are planning to redesign your outdoor area, chances are you’ll have to replace your shade sails too. Shade sails and landscape designing fall in the same category. So, any change in the design means that you have to adjust your shade sails accordingly.

3. Unsafe Shades

As discussed above, when the shade’s fabric fades it allows the sun’s rays to pass through it. In addition, since the structure is exposed to harsh weather, it can be in danger of falling on the ground. Check bolts and other components and see if they are at the risk of corrosion. All these signs tell you that your shade sails are no longer safe and you should replace them at the earliest.

4. Home Color Design

You have probably installed the shade sail that complements your house’s exterior color. If you are planning to redo the paint, you will have to change the sail and install a new one that can go with the new color palette.

5. Wear and Tear

Shade sails can survive up to five decades. But we all know that factors like harsh weather or scorching heat can play a big role in reducing the life of shade sails. You will start noticing the common wear and tear after a couple of years. After the spell of heavy showers, for example, don’t be shocked to see large holes in your shade sails. While you can stitch the smaller holes, you’ll eventually have to install a new one in case of large holes.


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