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Best Pool Shades to Cover Your Pool

Best Pool Shades to Cover Your Pool

Are you planning to install a pool shade?

Then this post is for you. Here we share some of the best pool shades that you can install to cover your pool. So let’s get started.

#1. Shade Sails

Perhaps the most popular type of pool shade that homeowners and commercial pools rely on is shade sail. They are great for covering the pool and keep your outdoor space cool and comfortable. Shade sails can also protect your pool against UV rays that can evaporate the water and rain that can contaminate your pool’s water.

If you choose the services of a reliable shade sail contract such as OC Shade Sail, you can be rest assured that with adequate maintenance, your pool shade will serve for you for up to two-decadedecades.

#2. A Permanent Outdoor Umbrella

Another type of pool shade that you can use to cover your pool is a permanent outdoor umbrella. The structure can provide a great deal of protection against sunlight and rainwater and is usually an arrangement that you set and forget. However, not all permanent outdoor umbrellas are created equal. When you are choosing this type of arrangement to cover your pool, make sure you go for contractors who can provide a sturdy structure that requires minimal maintenance.

#3. Folding Arm Awning

If you are looking for pool shades that combine style and functionality, you need a folding arm awning. This type of pool shade is exceptionally functional because they are made with a robust case. Moreover, good-quality folding arm awnings have a water-resistant canvas that offers great protection.

#4. Customized Pool Shades

Not all pools are created equal. Similarly, there are no one-size-fits-all pool shades. When it comes to pool shade materials and styles, the sky is the limit. If you are looking for a pool shade to cover your pool, you can go for customized pool shades where you get the flexibility to choose everything. From the material of the poles to the frame and the fabric, you get a pool shade that’s exactly as per your needs.

There may be other ways to cover your pool, but the ones mentioned above are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Learn more about which type of pool shade is best for your pool by contacting us. At OC Shade Sail, we offer a modern and aesthetically pleasing variety of shade sails that can keep your pool protected against environmental conditions. With our high-quality pool shades, you and your family can enjoy some fun time together while staying safe from harmful UV rays.


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