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6 Tips For Building A Rooftop Restaurant

6 Tips For Building A Rooftop Restaurant

Are you a restaurant owner planning to expand the sitting space of your establishment? One of the coolest ways to do so is by arranging for seating on the rooftop. Rooftop restaurants are the best type of dining spots. People totally love the feeling of dining out in open air, away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. However, building a rooftop restaurant isn’t as simple as an indoor dining area.

A restaurant on the rooftop means that you need to work on proper lighting, seating, ambiance, and of course, shades and covers. We’ve put together some useful tips for you that will help you ensure that your rooftop restaurant stays jam-packed with foodies all through the day, throughout the year!

1.     Reinforce the Load Bearing Capacity of the Roof

The roof isn’t usually built to withstand excessive loads. It is only strong enough to bear its own weight or the weight of insulation and ventilation systems. If you’re planning to build a rooftop restaurant, you first need to reinforce the load-bearing capacity of your roof so that it can bear the weight of additional tables, chairs, and obviously, people!

2.     Provide Access

Usually, the access to the rooftop is through a steep and narrow staircase – not something you want your customers to use. So, before you set out to build a rooftop restaurant, you need to install a new, better-looking staircase and elevators. Without proper access, your customers won’t get the best first impression of your restaurant.

3.     Arrange Adequate Shade

You certainly don’t want your restaurant to stay empty during the afternoon, but it will be because it’s going to be really hot at that time of the day. People, for sure, don’t want to burn themselves while they eat their favorite food. So, before you inaugurate your rooftop restaurant, you need to add adequate shade to your roof. You can do so by installing shade sails or umbrella shades over every individual table. Installing custom shade sails is definitely a better option, both in terms of functionality and cost.

4.     Take Permits

You can’t just start building a rooftop restaurant just like that. You’ll need to get special construction permits from the relevant authority before you can undertake any renovation or expansion projects. Doing so beforehand will only cause unnecessary delays in your work, and in worst cases, heavy fines and penalties.

5.     Accentuate the Positives

If your rooftop overlooks a certain beautiful scenery or a landmark, you definitely need to make sure that your décor and restaurant-style highlights it. Try to accentuate all the positives that you can. It will help create an ambiance that customers will totally love!

6.     Work on the Aesthetics

Great aesthetics are important to deliver a great dining experience. Therefore, when building a rooftop restaurant, give in a lot of thought to the aesthetics. From the table linen to lights to the music to the floors, everything counts, so make sure you don’t miss out on any of it.


Building a rooftop restaurant is a great idea, especially if you’re looking for a way to expand the seating arrangement of your restaurant. While most of the things that you’ll have to work on are similar to what you’ll need to do for any restaurant, the incorporation of durable shade structures is one thing that you’ll have to give additional attention to when working on a rooftop restaurant.

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