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5 Best Uses of Shade Sails in Orange County, California

5 Best Uses of Shade Sails in Orange County, California

If you want to save yourself from the sweltering sun in Orange County, then you need to install shade sails in your backyard or over your patio. Flexible and versatile for multiple weather and functionalities, shade sails are highly preferable structures that are now gaining fame due to their ease of installation, practicality, and the aesthetic they bring to your home or outdoor public spaces.

Shade sails or cloths are made from HDPE fabrics that are strong, durable, stretchy, and are created in a knitted weave to prevent UV rays from passing through. Depending on the quality of the fabric, shade sails can block up to 95% of harmful UV rays. So what are the best uses of shade sails? Let’s find out.

Over a Pool

Want to enjoy a day in the pool, but the sun keeps getting in the way? Don’t worry! One of the best uses of shade sails is to cover outdoor areas like pools. You can use rectangle, square, or triangle shade sails or combine them together to create your own style and aesthetic. By placing the shade sail over the pool, you can guarantee that no harmful UV rays or harsh sunlight pass through.

For Patios

The best use of shade sail in Orange County is that it can be used in place of expensive roofing structures. Instead of wasting money on pergolas, you can easily install shade sails over your outdoor structures like patios and provide a cool, relaxing place for your guests or for you to relax. Use natural posts like trees and walls as supporting structures and to prevent disrupting the aesthetic of your home.

Covered Parking

Many outdoor public spaces like parks, restaurants, or even businesses don’t have dedicated parking spaces. Instead of creating a parking lot, they can install shade sails, protect cars from harsh UV rays, and greatly reduce discoloration. It is also suitable for every weather, such as rain and snow, and offers adequate covering and protection for your car. Since it will be a commercial job, it’s best to consult OC shade sail providers.

Over Walkways

Another use of shade sails in Orange County is over walkways. If the way from your yard to your front door is long and lined with concrete or other hardscape materials that tend to absorb heat, then placing a shade sail over the walkway is a great way to cool the place down and reduce degradation greatly.

For Kid’s playground

If you have created a playground for your kids in your backyard, you also need to think about the appropriate and easy solution to keep them safe from the sun. Shade sails are best for this purpose. They are available in different colors and shapes, so you can easily create a fun aesthetic with them and choose bright and dark colors to match the playground or swing set. Similarly, schools can also use it for their outdoor spaces and playgrounds.

Now that you know all the best uses of shade sails, the only thing left is to install them. It’s best to call OC shade sail professionals to get a quote and find the best fit for your needs and requirements.

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