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5 Benefits of Shade Sails

5 Benefits of Shade Sails

Shade sails are usually a combination of several strips that result in a flexible membrane which is attached between various anchor points. In comparison to the pergola, shade sails are a cheaper option for an outdoor setting that, as the name suggests, provide cool shade to people in harsh weather. They are also capable of withstanding all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

With the help of shade sails, people who love to remain outdoors can easily enjoy the outdoor weather without worrying about sunburn. This is why many people love shade sails and are installing them in their backyards in large numbers. Just as they are beneficial for residential buildings, shade sails are also beneficial for commercial buildings. If you own a commercial unit and are not sure whether to install a shade sail, we suggest you should read this article until the end to have a better understanding of the various benefits offered by them.

Benefits of a Shade Sail

1. Budget-Friendly

Commercial building owners often think about installing a pergola to increase the exterior look of their building. A wise decision, the installation of a pergola is a bit expensive. On the other hand, shade sails are available at cheaper prices and come with the same benefits as that of a pergola. Between the two, shade sails are a good option to add an artistic look to your commercial building.

2. Easy Maintenance

The fabric used in most shade sails across America is knitted with a mono-polyethylene filament, which has a useful life of more than 10 years. The product also comes with a warranty which makes it easier for people to keep up with its maintenance. However, if you feel that the shade sails appear dirty or unclean, you can easily get them washed. So, yes, the maintenance of shade sails will not increase your financial expenses.

3. Saves Electricity

If you are planning to create an outdoor seating area for your customers for whatever reasons and you go with a concrete or metal structure, you will have to spend money on installing fans around it. With the shade sails, however, you can get fresh cool air without any additional investment.

4. Good Ventilation and Cooling

Many people love to stand in the open and breathe in the fresh air. They are tired of being trapped in glass buildings with closed windows. For such people, a shade sail structure outside their office building is a blessing. They can easily enjoy the weather without being constantly worried about the blazing heat of the sun and the skin damage caused by harmful UV rays.

5. Artistic Look

There is no denying that a shade sail increases the exterior look of your building. So, if you are looking towards increasing the financial value of your house, investing in a shade sail is a good way to go forward.


Shade sails are a perfect structure that can be used to increase the look of both residential and commercial buildings. If you are planning to add a waiting area outside your office, you should consider opting for a shade sail structure.

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