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4 Types of Outdoor Shade Sail

4 Types of Outdoor Shade Sail

Are you a homeowner planning to install a shade cloth in your yard?

Do you own a business venture that requires you to expand your outdoor space?

Whether you are looking for a shade sail for your garden or a shade structure for your commercial rooftop, it’s a good idea to know about different types of the outdoor shade sail. This post looks at different types of outdoor shade sails to make your outdoor space more productive and comfortable.

Fixed Shade Sail

The conventional shade sails that you find on most yards are the fixed shade sail. The shade cloth fabric is stitched together to give strength to the sail. The edges of the shade sail are hemmed, and within each hem, a stainless steel wire is inserted for additional support, and it is attached to the poles.

Fixed shade sail makes an excellent choice for outdoor spaces such as parking lots.

Retractable Shade Sail

Retractable shade sails, as the name suggests, are retractable. They have folding arms, awning, and sails. With this type of outdoor shade sail, you get the flexibility of opening up the desired area to extend the shade and high better protection against UV rays.

Retractable shade sails are more functional and more aesthetically appealing and help create a pleasant environment for your outdoor space.

Garden Shade Sail

If you are growing up a lot of fruits and vegetables, you need the right amount of sunlight. Too much of it can spoil your crops, and too little can be equally detrimental. Thus, if you have a garden to tend, garden shade sails can be the right solution for you. Depending upon the type of protection you need against the sun, you can choose the best shade sail fabric for your garden.

Commercial Shade Sails

Similar to the shade sails you install at home are the commercial shade sails. While they are similar to the shade sails installed at home, they are designed to offer better protection from the sun, allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoor space more comfortably. You can find this type of shade sails in outdoor restaurants, pools, and other commercial facilities.

There are several other types of outdoor shade sails available on the market that allow you to maximize your outdoor space’s usability. If you are still unsure which one is best for your home or commercial facility, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional shade sail manufacturer. At OC Shade Sails, we offer various materials and designs that you can pick for your outdoor space. To find out more about our services or request a free bid, get in touch now.

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