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3 Different Types of Shade Sails for Your Backyard

3 Different Types of Shade Sails for Your Backyard

If you have always admired a sailboat on the sea, you would know how shade sails can add the same beauty and elegance to your yard. A shade sail is quite similar to a boat’s sail, except it is attached to a roof or any other outdoor structure to form a canopy over a specific area in your yard. The idea is to protect against excessive UV rays of the sun so you can enjoy a relaxing time in the yard with your loved ones.

Lets’ look at three different types of shade sails for your backyard.

Umbrella-Shaped Shade Sails

Umbrella shaped shade sails are the most popular type of shade sails installed in the yard. Whether you want to play with your kids, read a book, or have a summer barbeque party, your yard can become the best place in your house with this type of shade sails. And the most desirable feature of the umbrella-shaped shade sails is that you can install them anywhere; in your yard, the patio, and even on the porch. They are easy to install and maintain and allow you to have some great outdoor fun with your friends and family.

Patio Shade Sails

Are you looking for a more modern and pocket-friendly solution for your yard’s coverage? Then patio shade sails can be your best bet. They are easy to install and maintain. Patio shade sails are waterproof and dustproof. Moreover, they are cost-effective yet super functional. Patio shade sails are very effective against harmful UV rays and are very durable.

Portable Shade Sails

Do you prefer to spend more time indoor and seldom spend time in your yard? Then you don’t need to invest in a huge fixed shade sail. Instead, a portable shade sail is quite sufficient to meet your needs. The efficient portable shade sail is easy to carry and can guard you against the scorching heat of the sun on days when you spend time outdoors. So whether you plan to go for a picnic or spend time by the lakeside, a portable shade sail can prove to be your best friend. But don’t worry. Portable shade sails are not the same as an umbrella. They are large enough to provide privacy and sun protection to the entire family. Moreover, you can still enjoy the outdoor and countryside from its open sides.

And lastly, you can easily and compactly pack your portable shade sail and transport it around everywhere you go.

A Shade Sail for Your Backyard

You can find endless color and design options as you plan to get a shade sail for your backyard. From soft pastels to vibrant colors, there is something for everyone. But you only get what you want if you work with the best shade sail providers in town. At OC Shade Sails, we offer residential and commercial shade sails in various types, colors, designs, and patterns. To find out more about which type of shade sail is best for your yard, get in touch now!

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